Meet the Attaquer Crit Dawgs

Posted by: Zoe Binder on 2019-02-07 10:44:36 +0900


Crit Dawgs

It’s amazing what can happen over a couple of brews. The idea was simple: Create a team that would shake up the status quo of summer crit racing. Within days, the Crit Dawgs were born.
Made up of 4 of Sydney’s best racers, the Crit Dawgs will compete throughout the Australian Summer in some of the country’s biggest criterium events. After a successful debut season in 2018/19, the Dawgs are back and ready to bite.



Attaquer Crit Dawgs Racing team 2019


Crit Dawgs Racing team


"It's about racing hard with your mates and not taking yourself too seriously"


Attaquer Crit Dawgs 2019

They came bounding over 2019


Follow the Crit Dawgs this summer on Instagram or come to Heffron Park on Tuesday's to see them be unleashed from their chains. 


The Attaquer Crit Dawgs are proud to be supported by:


Shimano Oakley





Meet the Attaquer Crit Dawgs